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Lynette Meynig- Top Dog

In 2006 we started selling our all natural, gourmet, fresh fruit pies, scones and hand painted silk ties at our Saturday morning farmer’s market in Charlottesville, VA. My son, Max, then 11, wanted to make money. My daughter, Chelsea, then 13, wanted to do our local Farmer’s Market. My husband, Scott, food and beverage director at Keswick Hall, and I, Lynette, wearer of many hats, came up with Family Ties and Pies & more. We have been so successful that our business continues to grow and we are riding the locavore wave. We believe in “Buy Fresh, Buy Local” to keep our community/family strong and support our local economy.  We love our business and our family, please give us a try!

          From our family to yours, building community one pie at a time!

                         top dog

I believe involving children in a creative, fun activity is the best way to keep kids interested and attentive in learning. In hind sight, we just tried this, Scott really thought it would last, oh, about 45 minutes. It was a perfect thing for our family. As a result, my daughter is excellent at selling and my son is excellent at the financial end of our business. They both have learned their way around a kitchen, which is an essential & necessary part of every day life. They have learned what a business entails, from PR, to advertising, to producing a quality product, marketing, finances and selling.

My husband & I continued to learn new business tricks. We  expanded our wholesale business to wineries & restaurants in the area. I not only believe that this small business could be a template for others that want to start a small business but a GREAT learning tool for our struggling school system here in the USA. In 2019, shortly before Covid, Scott passed suddenly. It is with great sadness we lost the "Dad" part of our great family. RIP Scott, we love you so much.  Chelsea thrives as a professional classical flutist and Max is pursuing his Phd in Physics. I continue our fabulous family business enthusiastically. Find me at IX Farmers Market most Saturday mornings!